Do you mean this one?

Die Broke: A Radical Four-Part Financial Plan https://a.co/d/7eLZGEK

I liked it and heard there's a more recent version of the same concepts.

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Dec 21, 2022·edited Dec 22, 2022Liked by Gordo Byrn

Great sum up of true wealth. Started moving into the 3rd column myself; is painful to let go, but ultimately comfort and negative mimetic desires can be vicious cyles traps. Thanx G!

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Jan 5, 2023Liked by Gordo Byrn

great stuff Gordo, thanks for the new blog

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Jan 2, 2023Liked by Gordo Byrn

Thanks for the suggestion. I am adding this one to the list:https://www.amazon.com/Live-Rich-Everything-Need-Know-ebook/dp/B0012095EE?ref_=ast_sto_dp - looks like his updated version (2009). Here's the one I referenced earlier: https://www.diewithzerobook.com/welcome.

Thanks again for your blog - after hearing you on the Rich Roll podcast, I am grateful I found the blog and your insights. Our paths are different but not too far off - endurance racing, corporate career, focus on kids and health, love of New Zealand..... Thanks a million

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Jan 1, 2023Liked by Gordo Byrn

Love the reality perspective in the chart (excel charts speak my language). Curious if you have read Die with Zero? Thanks for the blog posts, I greatly enjoy when they show up in my inbox.

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Dec 22, 2022Liked by Gordo Byrn

Reading this as Im thinking thru my time allocation and the direction to take my business in the coming years. thanks for putting it together!

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